An XJ220 Replacement in the Making?

Though this concept car is called the BlackJag, the company that designed and engineered it has nothing to do with the legendary British motor company. It bears the leaping cat badge for sure, but the BlackJag project was executed completely separate of Jaguar, aside from authorization to use the brand name.

The independent design firm Fuore has crafted the stunning BlackJag concept.
Several thousand miles away in Barcelona, Spain, the independent design firm Fuore has crafted what they believe to be the future of Jaguar sports cars. This low, sleek super-sports car is the second of such vehicles that Fuore has created under the Jaguar badge, following the FX10 supercar unveiled last year.

The front end of the BlackJag pulls design cues from the FX10 supercar (see Fuore FX10 review in Jaguar concept archives).

While it’s true that the BlackJag and the FX10 may appear very similar upon first glance, there are quite a few differences between the two. The BlackJag’s nose is less elongated and more flowing than its predecessor, and the new car doesn’t carry the metallic stripe that spans the length of the hood, running from the base of the windshield to the grille. The second Fuore Jaguar’s headlamps stretch out sideways as opposed to being slim vertically stacked units, while secondary grilles and ventilation slats integrated into the front fascia are different. Foglights are nixed on the newer concept car too. The split mesh grille, which forms the leading edge of the BlackJag’s front bumper, stays, albeit somewhat modified.