Mustang GT-R Concept Harks Back to Ford’s Legendary Trans-Am Days

Once again the world’s media decended upon Manhattan’s Jacob Javits conference center for New York’s annual auto show, the last big North American event of the year, and Ford was first on stage with its go-green Escape Hybrid. While a very important vehicle, for blue oval sales as well as environmental kudos, it’s hardly anything to get the blood of true enthusiasts boiling.

That job fell on a specially modified version of Ford’s upcoming 2005 Mustang. They’re tuning a Mustang that hasn’t even hit the showroom yet? Sure. After all, the Mustang has always been about performance, at least those with V8 engines under the hood.

Of course if you trace the name back to its Falcon-based roots you’ll see that not all Mustangs were created equal. Some, like the legendary Boss 428 and more modern Cobra R were granted more muscle than others. Currently a Mustang buyer can option up to a GT, Mach 1 or Cobra if more performance is wanted, or even better buck up for a Saleen or Steeda tuned version, the companies that transform mere ponies into powerhouse stallions.

So, what’s next in line for the all-new 2005 Mustang? Would it surprise you to hear that a future Mustang designation could end up being GT-R? That’s the nameplate Ford chose for their latest concept, a rolling parts showcase from the Ford Racing catalog. If you think you’ve heard the GT-R name before that’s because it’s synonymous with the Nissan Skyline GT-R, legendary in the import performance scene?