Online Poker For Macs provided by slot online, has been created for mac users. Normally Mac users have to buy costly virtual PC software programs. The site lets users play online poker, without having to use extra software. Presently there is an increasing trend, whereby many people make a living by playing online poker. This new site has the best promotions. Other attractions include, $100 free for each customer and entries into several other free rolls. This site also lets players join poker rooms, free of charge. Not only this, there is a free poker school that initiates new players into the game. reports:

Online poker for macs is the newest trend in the niche market of online poker and will continue to increase. Playing online poker seems to be the new fad and some players support their lifestyle by playing a game.

A Unique Hobby – Collection of Poker Chips, Tokens and Other Gambling Items

Wanting to own something unique and rare, members of the Deep South Chip Collectors began collection of poker chips, tokens and other items of gambling. This club was established in January 2002 and presently has almost 47 members. Meetings, events and annuals lunches are held at the Copa Casino in Gulfport. Bob Reed form Grenta, is the club’s president. His collections date back to the later part of 1800s and range from ivory chips of those times to the 1996 chips that have the image of George Burns. Chips from Beverly are one of the most prized ones. They may be priced anywhere between 50 cents – $1000. Price depends upon such factors as their physical state, accessibility or availability and demand. reports:

Many of the enthusiasts have memories attached to a particular piece. For instance, a Southport chip brings Bob Reed back to when he hobbled into a casino for the first time.

CYOP’s Chinese Version of Software to be Available for Play on

This September, CYOP System International Inc. an established online gaming software provider will be putting its Chinese version of software for play online at network. Work is presently on, in this direction and the site is currently being put through stringent quality control tests. It has been reported that SINA will organize fixed entry points by arranging tournaments on its channels in Beijing and Taiwan so as to connect online traffic there with the corresponding game sites in U.S.A. Plans are also afoot, to sell advertising and sponsorships through these game-related events and sites. Also on the anvil are multiplayer tournaments backed by cash prizes. At the moment, site is getting translated into Chinese. Today, China stands second in world ranking, with regard to Internet usage. China’s internet population is predicted to grow by more than 14.3% annually during 2004-2008 and this presents a potentially enormous marketplace waiting to be tapped. CYOP’s move is considered to be one with strategic advantages as it makes an early entry into the Asian online poker industry. reports:

Mitch White, CEO of CYOP commented, “Interest in China is growing, and North Americans are beginning to understand the potential of the huge marketplace. Recent events such as’s IPO and Yahoo’s $1 billion deal are proving that strong moves are being made into the burgeoning Chinese Internet.