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  Ear piercing has a long history starting in antiquity. It is still very popular

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To be an Expert at Blackjack you need to understand the rules

Different casinos with online blackjack have individual house rules, but there are basics in the game of blackjack:


Your goal when playing online blackjack is to beat the dealer with a hand that comes closest to 21 without exceeding.

The aces are worth 1 or 11- depending on which value will make your hand better, while suited cards- jacks, queens, and kings have a value of 10.

An initial hand consists of two cards and a card of the dealer’s remains hidden up to the end with online blackjack.

If your cards combined amount to 21, then you have blackjack and you’ll be paid 3 to 2 during your initial wager.

After you have seen the value of your hand, decide on your next move in online blackjack.

If you decide to ‘hit’ then you will get an additional card and the value will be added to the amount you already have.

If no additional cards are given to you during an online blackjack game, it means you stand and the value of your cards remain the same.

During a game of online blackjack, if a pair is dealt to you, then you can ‘split’ which means you split the existing hand into two separate pairs. They will still have the same amount as the original wager.

To ‘double down’, it means that your wager is doubled. Make sure you announce this and then you will be given one extra card.

There are some casinos with online blackjack that allow 789betting players to get out of the game at any time. When you feel that all of your hands are badly dealt, then you can give up the other half of the wager, surrender your hand and cut loses. This is called ‘surrender.’

Side bet in online blackjack is called ‘insurance’ and it is taken when you think the dealer has a blackjack hand. It is better not to accept insurance- since blackjack odds or natural hand, dealt by the dealer- are low.

When you play online blackjack, you have to know the rules in order to make the right choices. Here on Blackjack Games Online you can learn about the basic rules and fully understand so you can use it as an advantage when playing.


Casino Splendido Review


In making its splendid first appearance in online gaming in 2005, Casino Splendido won the award of “best new casino”. And that was just to get warmed up! After that Casino Splendido has gone on to reach even greater heights and has succeeded in building a gaming website that has become the place to visit international gaming lovers.


Pioneers in flash-driven software and industry leaders Microgaming Viper Software developed an online gaming site which allows blackjack lovers to play online in almost any wireless situation for Casino Splendido, Think about it! You can be playing blackjack while waiting at an airport lounge to your corner bistro. With their high-quality graphics and sounds, Casino Splendido provide a land casino atmosphere no matter where you are.


Blackjack players at Casino Splendido can take part in all the latest online tournaments with some very impressive cash prizes that run across all the casinos that use Microgaming software, guaranteeing both speed and reliability in your online gaming.


Casino Splendido welcome all new members with an opening offer bonus of up to £120, and with a staff of highly-trained, friendly and efficient personnel Casino Splendido will be there for you 24/7. There job is to answer any of your questions regarding blackjack play as well as and house rules.


There are deposit options aplenty at Casino Splendido, from NETeller, Click2Pay and Moneybookers through to debit card, credit card, cheque or even wire transfer. And rest assured that Casino Splendido takes care of your withdrawals with the same speed and professionalism


When you choose Casino Splendido for your blackjack site of choice, you will have made a very wise choice. As part of its commitment to provide the fairest deals to their blackjack players, Casino Splendido publishes monthly reports that state the percentage of Casino payouts and bring in online casino independent specialists (eCOGRA) as well as brining in independent assessors review these payout percentages, which average around 97%. Make Casino Splendido your blackjack site of choice.




Victor Chandler Goes Cash Game Crazy

Starting August 22nd, Victor Chandler is going absolutely freaking bananas, offering sick incentives to play cash games!

Play the Wheel of Fortune, August 22nd and 22nd, by winning a hand with the wheel straight A-2-3-4-5 and you’ll earn a spot in the €1,000 Wheel Of Fortune togel Singapore on Monday, August 29th at 21:00 CET! Just send the hand history number into support to get your entrance ticket!


With the Bad Beat Bonanza, August 23rd, your payouts will be doubled! Normally you get 100X the small blind for winning the Bad Beat Bonanza, but on the 23rd the stakes are doubled, 200X the small blind! Just lose a holdem hand with AAAKK or better!


Be a Flop Star on August 24th! Flop a pat hand, from a flush to royal flush, in No-Limit Hold’em cash games, take it to showdown and win, and you’ll get paid! Prizes range from €10 to €500 depending on the stakes and winning hand!


With the Rake Hands Race August 25 and 26th the fun continues! The top 500 finishers, in this two day rake race, get a ticket into the Raked Hands Freeroll on Wednesday, August 21st!


Then August 26th is the Royal Flush Fortune double payout! Winning a hand with a royal flush will earn you 100X the small blind on this day! Both hold cards must play. For more details of these promotions check with Victor Chandler Poker!


After this weekly special event, the action at Victor Chandler Poker picks up with over €55,000 up for grabs in August Freerolls! The EMOP Iron Man also offers an additional €12,000 in freeroll prize packages! Plus there’s daily SNG Leaderboards, a big incentive to the tournament grinders out there.


Heading into the fall, look forward to the same VIP experience you’re accustomed to at Victor Chandler Poker. The VIP Programme includes cash, exclusive gear, and tournament entries, as a reward for your VC Poker grind. Enjoy!


Double Prize Pool VIP FPP Tournaments at PokerStars


There is just over one week left in PokerStar’s VIP Club Mega Month, and it’s going out with a bang! From August 22nd through August 28th, all VIP 10 and 20 FPP Tournaments will have doubled prize pools. That’s an extra $30,000+ being given away for the week!

Six tournaments will take place each day, with prize pools varying from $1,000 to $2,000. An extra $4,500 is for the taking each day! All tournaments can be found located under the Tourney > VIP tab within the PokerStars software. Below is the daily schedule for the 10 and 20 FPP tournaments.


12:35:00 20 FPP NL Hold’em [Turbo, $2,000 Prize Pool]

12:40:00 10 FPP NL Hold’em [Turbo, $1,000 Prize Pool]

14:05:00 20 FPP NL Hold’em [Turbo, $2,000 Prize Pool]

18:05:00 20 FPP NL Hold’em [Turbo, $2,000 Prize Pool]

19:40:00 10 FPP NL Hold’em [Turbo, $1,000 Prize Pool]

22:40:00 10 FPP NL Hold’em [Turbo, $1,000 Prize Pool]


And don’t fret if you haven’t made it to SilverStar status yet, because there is still plenty of time! You can reach it in just four hours of play at $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold’em cash games. Or, you can earn the required number of VPPs just by playing in the Sunday Million on August 28th.


As a SilverStar, you’ll earn your FPPs 50% faster than a BronzeStar, so you can get your 10 FPPs for the tournament entry just by paying $1.21 in cash game rake or tournament fees. Only $1.21 for a shot at $1,000? Yes, please! And of course, you’ll be raking in the FPPs all the WCOOP-long too, which begins September 4th!


You will want to make sure to take advantage of qualifying for that higher VIP level before August 31st to make the most of your month of September at PokerStars.


Pocketownage420 wins Full-Tilt-Poker꽁머니 토토 XII Main Event


The 12th꽁머니  ended this weekend with the conclusion of the Main Event. The Main Event was a $500+35 NLHE tournament. There was a $2,500,000 guarantee and 4581 entrants.

The chip count on the final table was as follows:

Pocketownage420 – 6,355,367

azzabentonaces – 5,587,683

-NinG- – 4,796,044

nickeltwenty –3,860,832

oiltrader – 3,823,366

iDubDeuce – 2,670,082

baDONKaD0NK88 – 2,468,496

Julian “Hartwith” Adamson – 2,453,887

RonFezBuddy – 2,341,743

Oiltrader was the first to bust at the 40,000/80,000 blind level. Nickeltwenty raised to 240,000 from middle position. Oiltrader 3bet to 800,000 in the CO and azzabentonaces cold 4bet to 3,010,000 on the button. Nickeltwenty wisely folded and oiltrader went all in for 4,843,366. A call from azzabentonaces revealed KK, and oiltrader’s AK was in pretty bad shape. The board bricked and oiltrader fell in ninth place for $32,500.

Eliminated in 8th was baDONKaD0NK88, at 50,000/100,000 level. He limped AA in middle position and was looking for someone to try to steal the pot or raise it up with something legitimate. BaDONKaD0NK88 obliged when he raised from the SB, moving all in for 1,578,496 with 66. Azzabentonaces called and took down the pot after the board ran out 7d4d5s7hKc; a pretty big sweat on that flop. For eighth place, baDONKaDONK88 earned $43,750.

RonFezBuddy headed out shortly after in 7th when he shoved over a CO raise from azzabentonaces with TT. Azzabentonaces called with AQhh, flipaments! The board ran out 7s8h9h5h8d as azzabentonaces made the ace-high flush, eliminating RonFezBuddy in 7th place for $57,500.


At the 60,000/120,000 level, Julian “Hartwith” Adamson raised to 270,000 in the HJ. It folded to -NinG- in the big blind, who shoved for 2,107,088. Adamson called with AA,  and -NinG- needed to catch up as a 4:1 dog with 99. He bricked and was out in sixth place for $75,000.

Nickeltwenty busted soon after in the same level. In the small blind with AQo and looking at three limpers in front of him, nickeltwenty shoved all in for 2,621,945. Chip leader azzabentonaces was the lone caller, tabling a dominating AKo. The board fell Ad7d3sTcJs and nickeltwenty left in fifth place, collecting a cool $100,000.

Julian “Hartwith” Adamson wa snect out. He shoved for 1,963,667 with A3o, but was called by iDubDeuce  AKo. The board brought no help for Adamson, and he was sent to the rail for $132,500.

Three levels later iDubDeuce was busto in third place at 120,000/240,000. On the button, iDubDeuce called and azzabentonaces raised to 960,000 from the SB. iDubDeuce called and the flop came JsAc2c. Azzabentonaces bet 960,000 and iDubDeuce called. The turn came Kc and azzabentonaces fired a second barrel of 4,170,000. IDubDeuce shoved all in for 10,608,856 and azzabentonaces called with As4c, trailing iDubDeuce’s KJo for two pair. The river was a cruel 3c and that gave the pot to azzabentonaces with a flush. The third-place finish earned iDubDeuce $170,000.

Azzabentonaces began heads-up play with a massive 5:1 chip lead. But two double-ups by Pocketownage420 turned the tables, putting him in the chip lead. The tournament came to an end at the 140,000/280,000 blind level. Pocketownage420 opened to 700,000 on the button and azzabentonaces pushed shoved it all in for 7,828,420 with 77. Pocketownage420 called with AJo and won the race by making a Broadway straight. Azzabentonaces earned $262,500 for 2nd place and the winner of the FTOPS XII Min Event was Pocketownage420 for a massive $432,400!!

Final Results:

  1. Pocketownage420 – $432,400
  2. azzabentonaces – $262,500
  3. iDubDeuce – $170,000
  4. Julian “Hartwith” Adamson – $132,500
  5. nickeltwenty – $100,000
  6. -NinG- – $75,000
  7. RonFezBuddy – $57,500
  8. baDONKaD0NK88 – $43,750
  9. oiltrader – $32,500

Tom Dwan, a.k.a. durrrr, Joins Team Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker, the site with the slogan “Learn, Chat, and Play With the Pros”, has added a new member to the team.  Normally,when a new member is announced, there really is not much fanfare or anticipation.  Full Tilt has dozens and dozens of “Red Pros” on their site; so called because their names appear in red, distinguishing them as Full Tilt Pros.  Most of these players are “Full Tilt Pros”, “CardRunners” (coaches at their partner site), and “Friends of Full Tilt”.  It’s often forgotten, though, that there are very few members of “Team Full Tilt”, making it quite an exclusive club indeed.

Team Full Tilt consists of some of the best togel hongkong players in the world.  Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Phil Gordon, Erick Lindgren, Erik Seidel,  Andy Bloch, Mike Matusow, Gus Hansen, Allen Cunningham, and Patrik Antonius make up the formidable squad.  Now, add Tom Dwan to the mix, more commonly known by his online screen name, durrrr.  Ironically, he’s the newest member since Antonius, who was added in June of 2008.  The two are now locked into an epic battle known simply as “the durrrr challenge”.


The news may not come as a shock to poker followers, as it was hinted at by Phil Ivey previously.  It was also accidentally leaked before the official announcement when Full Tilt pictured Dwan as a host of one of the FTOPS tournaments.  The photo was taken down quickly but the gossip spread on the net and most of the damage was done.


The Team has released a short video on the Full Tilt website welcoming durrrr into the fold.  In it, they praise his dedication, determination, and aggressiveness on the tables and highlight his uncanny ability to make reads and make plays that other players aren’t able or willing to do.  Chris Ferguson mentions the fact that Dwan started his online poker career with a $40 deposit on Full Tilt and built that up to where he is today, playing the highest stakes available anywhere.  He did that all without ever losing his original $40 deposit.


Dwan has also gained recognition for his recent appearances on High Stakes Poker, as well as other poker television shows.  During the shows he continued his aggressive style of play and did quite well in live play versus some of the best poker players on the planet.


If you want to watch durrrr play online, he’s usually not difficult to find.  Just open the Full Tilt lobby, find the highest stakes no-limit Hold’em or pot-limit Omaha tables you can see and look for the name.  If you don’t play at Full Tilt, sign-up today!  You never know, Full Tilt Pros are known for occasionally sitting in on some of the low stakes tables to play and chat with the players.  You could get the chance to chat with and play against one of the most feared players in online poker today – and newest member of Team Full Tilt – Tom Dwan.

Role of the CEO in a API startup

If you are one of the main founders of a company, you may become the Brassica API CEO. It is always a good position to have, but a very challenging one too. You will need to constantly perform well in order to retain that position and grow the company. Your multi-tasking skills along with hard work, common sense and execution oriented attitude will take you a long way.

You should possess the domain expertise, great people skills, ability to sell, telescopic and microscopic view (high level view of the ecosystem along with attention to detail), and unlimited strength to execute the plan.

Know why you are doing it

You should evaluate why you want to run a start-up. There may-be a combination of reasons like below,

– you want to make a difference, create amazing products, services, or solve some significant customer problems, or create a new market altogether.

– you hate corporate work culture, or working for others

– you don’t want to leave your home, and / or work with friends

– you want to get the pride by building a great start-up into a sustainable business

– you want to make lots and lots of money by starting your own company and making it a success

whatever the reason, you should be clear about that and very convinced you are willing to do “whatever it takes” to make it work.

All odds are against you

Most odds are against you. The competition is likely to be strong, clients don’t need to deal with a new company, many do not believe you can build this business, almost nobody wants to invest into you, most people do not want to work for you due to uncertain future and job security. This is the start. Fortunately it would get only better from here.

Be very very strong – manage your emotions well

You would need to come up against all odds mentioned above and try to run your business. It is a very hard thing to do. You will need to be mentally very strong, and need full conviction. Most probably would question you at times, why you are doing this at all.

You will have more bad days than good days. Your team members, investors, clients, competitors, partners, regulators would have issues that you need to take care of, on top of obviously doing your job of running the company which is hard enough as is.

You will have moments of glories, mostly short lived, and possibly periods of sad moments. You must not get too excited with the victories, neither too depressed with failures. The way you manage your emotions, will have a big impact on the rest of your team’s moral. You need to have a heart of steel to deal with all that and still keep going on with 110% commitment and lead the rest of your team. It is a journey less taken, but certainly worth pursuing as you will come out as a very strong person at the end.

Be opportunistic

All crisis present opportunities. You must look out for them, even in the tough times. Be open to all partnerships. As a start-up, you will not have resources to do everything. But if you can combine the efforts with some other companies, start-ups, individuals, and strike the partnership balance well, you may be able to become very relevant to your customers.

Be ambitious but realistic

You should be fairly positive and ambitious, but always balance it with realistic attitude. Do not set unachievable targets, but surely be aggressive and try to push yourself and the rest of the team to get out of your comfort zone.

You might like to evaluate in your mind the worst case scenarios and try to hedge against them, or think a bit how would you manage them.


You need to be very open to learning. This the most invaluable return you get from a start-up tremendous learning. Depending upon your background, you will need to get involved in Admin, Strategy, Product, Service, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and various other roles in which you will need to smartly become well aware. You must include rest of your team with appropriate skill sets to run their functions, but be close to and aware of what all is happening in your company. This will let you better run the start-up.

Organizational structure

As far as possible, a start-up CEO should be hands-on with HR processes including hiring, moving people around and conducting regular review sessions. The CEO must be responsible aligning business strategy with the team members as well as organizational structure (mostly flat). I suspect you would spend anywhere between 25-75% of your time in hiring, motivating, and running other HR related processes. You must be close to your team members and listen to them regularly for organizational improvement ideas.

It’s all about people – Inspire, do not manage

You need to be able to inspire people including your team members (creating a good team is a must), clients, partners, investors etc. If you can make them believe in you, lead by example, and act professionally and honestly, you have higher probability of succeeding.

You should let them do things their way, try to look at the broad outcomes you need from each person, and not worry too much about the way they do it (unless it causes some problems for others). If you manage to inspire your team members enough that they are keen to work themselves (especially when you are not around) then you have managed the right culture.

And you should be willing to share the credit if things work out, and take the blame if they don’t.

Listen to everyone, but make your own decision

Your team members, co-founders, board etc. must have smart people. You should take their opinion into broad level strategy, execution plan, and various other matters as relevant. But at the end, you must make your own decision, as objectively as you can. Make sure you communicate out well why you made the decision you made (as most likely the others may have had a split opinion). Subsequently you should commit to your decision and see it through, and be willing to change / adapt if required. You will make some wrong decisions, but make sure you learn from them, admit your mistakes, don’t repeat them, and adapt as quickly as you realize you should.


You must be good in communication; sharing information is a key aspect of your job. You need to ensure there is an appropriate communication process within the organization that leads to more aware and productive teams. Open communication can lead to transparency which aids employee motivation and growth.


You will need to make various strategies and big decisions in the start-up. Many of these decisions would be made with various unknowns and uncertainties. It would be like picking a direction without clear visibility ahead. They will range from hiring strategy, product strategy, marketing strategy, funding strategy etc. Be prepared to have some of them wrong to some extent, but you must get majority right, and correct the mistakes fairly quickly.

Plus you will need to keep a very high level view of what’s happening in the market, and where you need to adapt your business strategy.

Share equity

You should try and incentivize everyone in the company with shares (and salaries, bonus) and various perks you can. People tend to work harder if they are well incentivized and see the upside in working if they get direct benefits of the company growth.

Be open to a better CEO

You should not feel that you are the best person to run this organization. You have a title of the founder that stays with you always, you could have several other responsible positions if you can replace yourself with a better and more experienced CEO who may be able to run and meet the objectives of your start-up better than you.

Getting Your Ears Pierced?


Ear piercing has a long history starting in antiquity. It is still very popular with women, as well as men, and has become more common in children. The style of ear piercing seems endless; it’s possible to have either rings or studs, they can be placed into one or both ears, with an apparent significance to which ear is used. There is a status and a kudos which this can bring to many sub groups. The piercing can take place by penetrating the skin, or even the cartilage.


There are a number of different techniques and it can be done by friends or ‘professionally’. Techniques include; the needle method, a staple gun or sharpened stud.


Complications From Ear Piercing

There are a number of complications that can develop.




Bacterial infections such as staphylococcus can occur as a contaminant. This is more common in those with Atopic eczema. Patients with heart valve disease need to be careful not to introduce bacterial infection into the blood stream and potentially infect the heart.

When the cartilage is pierced a specific bacterial infection with a bacteria called Pseudomonas can occur.

There is a risk if transmitting viral hepatitis from patient to patient through the instruments.

Read more about bacterial infections. Learn more about facial rejuvenation center nashville




The piercing through the cartilage can be associated with inflammation in the cartilage.



Blood clots can form because of local internal bleeding in the ear.

Foreign Body Reactions


Granulomas and foreign body reactions can occur to the gold in the rings or if small pieces of metal are left in the skin.

Keloid Scarring


This is common especially in darker skin.

These are smooth, firm growing, unsightly scars that grow beyond the site of injury. They can be difficult to treat.

Excising them usually leads to even bigger scars. These scars can be painful.

Most often they are at their biggest behind the ear lobe.

Allergic Reactions


By far the most common allergy in women is to the metal nickel. Gold is a much less common allergen. It is also possible to become allergic to the topical cleansers, antibiotics, and antiseptics that are used to prepare for the procedure. Check-out www.EczemaGuide.ca for more information.

Other Considerations


Heavy rings will pull down and tear the ear lobe giving a split lobe. These need surgical repair if the person wants it fixed.

These are all factors that you should take into account before getting your ears pierced. Having the procedure done in a hygienic environment, with sterilized equipment and caring for your ears properly afterwards, are important factors in ensuring that you do not get a complication.




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