The 12th꽁머니  ended this weekend with the conclusion of the Main Event. The Main Event was a $500+35 NLHE tournament. There was a $2,500,000 guarantee and 4581 entrants.

The chip count on the final table was as follows:

Pocketownage420 – 6,355,367

azzabentonaces – 5,587,683

-NinG- – 4,796,044

nickeltwenty –3,860,832

oiltrader – 3,823,366

iDubDeuce – 2,670,082

baDONKaD0NK88 – 2,468,496

Julian “Hartwith” Adamson – 2,453,887

RonFezBuddy – 2,341,743

Oiltrader was the first to bust at the 40,000/80,000 blind level. Nickeltwenty raised to 240,000 from middle position. Oiltrader 3bet to 800,000 in the CO and azzabentonaces cold 4bet to 3,010,000 on the button. Nickeltwenty wisely folded and oiltrader went all in for 4,843,366. A call from azzabentonaces revealed KK, and oiltrader’s AK was in pretty bad shape. The board bricked and oiltrader fell in ninth place for $32,500.

Eliminated in 8th was baDONKaD0NK88, at 50,000/100,000 level. He limped AA in middle position and was looking for someone to try to steal the pot or raise it up with something legitimate. BaDONKaD0NK88 obliged when he raised from the SB, moving all in for 1,578,496 with 66. Azzabentonaces called and took down the pot after the board ran out 7d4d5s7hKc; a pretty big sweat on that flop. For eighth place, baDONKaDONK88 earned $43,750.

RonFezBuddy headed out shortly after in 7th when he shoved over a CO raise from azzabentonaces with TT. Azzabentonaces called with AQhh, flipaments! The board ran out 7s8h9h5h8d as azzabentonaces made the ace-high flush, eliminating RonFezBuddy in 7th place for $57,500.


At the 60,000/120,000 level, Julian “Hartwith” Adamson raised to 270,000 in the HJ. It folded to -NinG- in the big blind, who shoved for 2,107,088. Adamson called with AA,  and -NinG- needed to catch up as a 4:1 dog with 99. He bricked and was out in sixth place for $75,000.

Nickeltwenty busted soon after in the same level. In the small blind with AQo and looking at three limpers in front of him, nickeltwenty shoved all in for 2,621,945. Chip leader azzabentonaces was the lone caller, tabling a dominating AKo. The board fell Ad7d3sTcJs and nickeltwenty left in fifth place, collecting a cool $100,000.

Julian “Hartwith” Adamson wa snect out. He shoved for 1,963,667 with A3o, but was called by iDubDeuce  AKo. The board brought no help for Adamson, and he was sent to the rail for $132,500.

Three levels later iDubDeuce was busto in third place at 120,000/240,000. On the button, iDubDeuce called and azzabentonaces raised to 960,000 from the SB. iDubDeuce called and the flop came JsAc2c. Azzabentonaces bet 960,000 and iDubDeuce called. The turn came Kc and azzabentonaces fired a second barrel of 4,170,000. IDubDeuce shoved all in for 10,608,856 and azzabentonaces called with As4c, trailing iDubDeuce’s KJo for two pair. The river was a cruel 3c and that gave the pot to azzabentonaces with a flush. The third-place finish earned iDubDeuce $170,000.

Azzabentonaces began heads-up play with a massive 5:1 chip lead. But two double-ups by Pocketownage420 turned the tables, putting him in the chip lead. The tournament came to an end at the 140,000/280,000 blind level. Pocketownage420 opened to 700,000 on the button and azzabentonaces pushed shoved it all in for 7,828,420 with 77. Pocketownage420 called with AJo and won the race by making a Broadway straight. Azzabentonaces earned $262,500 for 2nd place and the winner of the FTOPS XII Min Event was Pocketownage420 for a massive $432,400!!

Final Results:

  1. Pocketownage420 – $432,400
  2. azzabentonaces – $262,500
  3. iDubDeuce – $170,000
  4. Julian “Hartwith” Adamson – $132,500
  5. nickeltwenty – $100,000
  6. -NinG- – $75,000
  7. RonFezBuddy – $57,500
  8. baDONKaD0NK88 – $43,750
  9. oiltrader – $32,500