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God slot onlain help me…


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I’ve started playing slot onlain again, after a many-months layoff. Starting all the way at the bottom: .05/.10 of FTP with my massive $5 bankroll. Yeah, didn’t get around to doing that SNG challenge. A bad infection in my leg left me out of sorts for many weeks.

Anyway, I don’t use a ‘waffles-roll’ (when your monthly reload comes from FTP) so this is going off the remnants of my last disaster.

What the hell. Over three years ago I started with $1 won in a freeroll and wound up playing $200 Turbo SNGs in 6 months before I lost my nerve and cashed-out. I’ll grind away for a couple days, see what happens…

I thought I’d try out some of the smaller poker sites so I did a quick search for some free money and found something about Pitbull Poker giving away $5 free for signing up. So I did, got my $5, went to the tables and there were something like 30 people playing. So, it’s no surprise I’m hearing they may be in trouble (a rumor about servers being spirited out of Costa Rican offices, or something?). Anyway, if you know what’s going on there, drop me a note in comments. The website is up, but I didn’t try to go into the lobby yet.

I’ve been too busy to play since that night. Slammed at work, taking on bigger responsibilities and I won’t be able to transition my current full-time responsibilities for another 2 months. I hafta make time soon, though. I got an itch, and it needs scratching. 🙂

Yet another WPBT I fail to make

Enjoying following the good times being had by all, on twitter. My favorite update so far?

taopauly: Tao of Pot team breakfast. The Hash House does NOT have the kinda hash I was looking for. #badbeat #wpbt

I’m still alive, occasionally showing up at the tables when I have the time to focus. Which hasn’t been at all for the last two months. Work is going great in terms of “they-really-like-me-and-I’m-doing-a-tremendous-job”; but when you do good work, you wind up with the toughest, mostest work. Two months of 13 hr workdays doesn’t leave me in the right frame of mind to play poker, so I haven’t.

Some of you degenerates could learn from that. 😉

So, glad to hear a good time is being had by most, #hashhousefail notwithstanding. My idea of a good time right now is finding the time to whip out a blog post, chop some firewood, and tease my daughters about boys. Life is good.

I recently received an email from someone pointing out that it had been a while since I posted. Honestly, I hadn’t realized it – the day job has consumed every minute of my days. My last post in December complained about 13 hr workdays. Yeah, that hasn’t gotten any better. Friday was my first “vacation” day since last June, but since I worked 22 hrs straight on Thursday, it was spent asleep.

Fuck me.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m doing great at work and the powers that be recognize it. But having gone through a significant layoff a few years back, followed by several soul-sucking jobs taken to pay the bills, I find I changed and didn’t even realize it.

I work in manufacturing as a master scheduler now. When shit happens, the people that work on the line get sent home without pay. That just kills me, having been through my own trouble with the layoff. I can’t stand the idea that these people might now be able to pay a bill through no fault of their own. So, when shit happens, I’m driven to do whatever it takes to get things back on track. Mostly, I do other people’s jobs until I can’t keep my eyes open (what? didja think I screwed up? Pfffftttthhhhhh!!! 😉 ).

The effect on my life is predictable, however: a pissed-off wife, pissed-off kids, all other side-hustles grinding to a halt… So, changes are in the works. Not gonna jinx it saying anything else.

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