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Tom Dwan, a.k.a. durrrr, Joins Team Full Tilt


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Full Tilt Poker, the site with the slogan “Learn, Chat, and Play With the Pros”, has added a new member to the team.  Normally,when a new member is announced, there really is not much fanfare or anticipation.  Full Tilt has dozens and dozens of “Red Pros” on their site; so called because their names appear in red, distinguishing them as Full Tilt Pros.  Most of these players are “Full Tilt Pros”, “CardRunners” (coaches at their partner site), and “Friends of Full Tilt”.  It’s often forgotten, though, that there are very few members of “Team Full Tilt”, making it quite an exclusive club indeed.

Team Full Tilt consists of some of the best togel hongkong players in the world.  Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Phil Gordon, Erick Lindgren, Erik Seidel,  Andy Bloch, Mike Matusow, Gus Hansen, Allen Cunningham, and Patrik Antonius make up the formidable squad.  Now, add Tom Dwan to the mix, more commonly known by his online screen name, durrrr.  Ironically, he’s the newest member since Antonius, who was added in June of 2008.  The two are now locked into an epic battle known simply as “the durrrr challenge”.


The news may not come as a shock to poker followers, as it was hinted at by Phil Ivey previously.  It was also accidentally leaked before the official announcement when Full Tilt pictured Dwan as a host of one of the FTOPS tournaments.  The photo was taken down quickly but the gossip spread on the net and most of the damage was done.


The Team has released a short video on the Full Tilt website welcoming durrrr into the fold.  In it, they praise his dedication, determination, and aggressiveness on the tables and highlight his uncanny ability to make reads and make plays that other players aren’t able or willing to do.  Chris Ferguson mentions the fact that Dwan started his online poker career with a $40 deposit on Full Tilt and built that up to where he is today, playing the highest stakes available anywhere.  He did that all without ever losing his original $40 deposit.


Dwan has also gained recognition for his recent appearances on High Stakes Poker, as well as other poker television shows.  During the shows he continued his aggressive style of play and did quite well in live play versus some of the best poker players on the planet.


If you want to watch durrrr play online, he’s usually not difficult to find.  Just open the Full Tilt lobby, find the highest stakes no-limit Hold’em or pot-limit Omaha tables you can see and look for the name.  If you don’t play at Full Tilt, sign-up today!  You never know, Full Tilt Pros are known for occasionally sitting in on some of the low stakes tables to play and chat with the players.  You could get the chance to chat with and play against one of the most feared players in online poker today – and newest member of Team Full Tilt – Tom Dwan.

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