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Caribbean Stud – 100% sanghoki winner!


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It’s been a long time coming, but our ultimate Caribbean Stud jackpot has finally been won! The prize has always been sitting at approximately $50,000 and has seen a number of players take off a few chunks every so often – normally 10% for a straight flush. However, the jackpot always built right back up, and the inevitable has happened.

Our winner is sanghoki , who enjoys the full range of CarbonPoker’s games, from Texas Hold’em to Roulette. This time, his experience across the software paid off in spades! Picking up a Royal Flush in the hand, Ten to Ace of Hearts, the jackpot payout came to a total of $51,354.18. Considering the bet was only $3, with a progressive jackpot bet of 20 cents, it’s not a bad profit at all.

Congratulations tazdog2, today you are a champion!

An Apple a day…

We’re ready and able to lavish our players with iPod Nanos from the recent Christmas Scavenger Hunt. After a month of intense poker action, 56 players managed to score one, so we were on the phone to Apple and grabbed a super special mega-order!

A giant box of has arrived, and we are a little enamored with them ourselves. Marty here was quick to celebrate the arrival of these desired Apple devices, but duty calls and he had to let go of his dream.

If you are one of our winners, look forward to receiving one of these shortly. Ship it!

Another Super Bowl victory to celebrate

Our SuperBowl tournament is done and dusted, with a champion crowned. The event featured four hours of play, 289 entrants, 100 entrants and $521 added to the prize pool, which came in at just over $4400. The table even boasted a custom Giants/Patriots football theme!

The chip lead fluctuated rapidly over the course of the tournament, with notable Aussie Millions entrant lennie10 sitting near the top of the ladder for some time. He hit a few snags, but eventually picked up 8th place for a cash of $132.33.

The heads-up play began with sliekas and festoon sitting pretty, but the battle only lasted for eight hands.

When the final cards were dealt, sliekas picked up 8s 2h, a huge underdog to festoon’s Qh 9h. However, sliekas limped in and the board came down 2d 8c 6h, giving him two pair. festoon bet out and was called, and then pushed all in on an open-ended straight draw when the turn was 7c. sliekas called, and the river blanked with the 4c, giving him the victory and a first-place prize of $1190.98!

Stick around for more action during February for our Heart Attack and Bad Beat freerolls!

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