What do you get for the girl who has everything? It better be good! Because whatever you get, it’s never as good as what she gets herself.

Well, this time Britt’s got a new daddy for her sons, Jayden, 8, and Sean Preston 9, and it only took her 2 months to pick him out! It’s Charlie Ebersol!

His stats: He’s 33, a writer, a producer, the millionaire son of one of the most influential TV minds in history … aaaand he’s a major cutie.

Most importantly, he’s got that great dad look, and that great dad nest egg from his great dad, Dick Ebersol.

The only drawback is that technically, the couple has only been together for a few short months, and some might say that Britney’s history is a little rocky.

Sources close to Spears say that the couple is moving too fast and that Britney is bringing Ebersol in way too deep before he’s ready.

Britney’s got a standing gig performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas up through 2017. That’s stability for her. Plus, she’s looking healthy and feeling healthy …

But adding a new wrinkle into that could send her spiraling back down into wacky town, especially if it doesn’t work out. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK

We all have a friend like Britney.

She’s full of drive and focus in her career, but in her family life, she’s just scatter-brained and cooky. Britney loves her kids intensely, she wants to be a good mom, but she is constantly doing silly stuff that gets her side-tracked.

We already know that Charlie’s mom isn’t totally psyched about this new relationship. And a guy like Charlie Ebersol is gonna want his own kids someday.

Can you imagine a pregnant Britney Spears on the Planet Hollywood stage? I can, but I’m weird.

Little Girl Gives Hilarious Reason for Dislike of Cats

Look, not everyone is a cat person.

Yes, some little girls react to the gift of a kitten in adorable, precious fashion.

But that doesn’t mean that all men, women and children are taken by tiny little felines, even the ones that try as hard as they can to meow.

Take the following toddler, for example. She simply doesn’t like cats and she isn’t afraid to tell you why. Check out this video for the answer.

Pretty hard to argue with, isn’t it? Especially when the case is being made in a British accent.

Click through the following photo gallery for a few reasons why others may have a disdain for these animals. Some of them can be very naughty…

Farrah Abraham: Returning to Teen Mom! Co-Stars Pissed!

Get ready, fans of vagina molds and Sarah Palin-like contempt for the rules of the English language:

Farrah Abraham is coming to back to Teen Mom, and she’s bringing every ounce of her ridiculousness with her!

Despite the fact that Farrah said she would never return to Teen Mom, the part-time mother and full-time sex worker seems pretty psyched to be earning a paycheck for something that doesn’t involve taking her clothes off:

“There’s going to be lots of excitement from the Teen Mom fans and from MTV’s fan base as well, so I’m excited to be back!” Farrah tells Us Weekly.

Thankfully, the swelling from Farrah’s botched lip injection has subsided, so she’ll be able to continue spewing word-vomit like that for a full season of what MTV has hilariously dubbed Teen Mom OG (for “Original Girls”).

We’ll let you fill in your own joke about the other ways in which Farrah uses her lips to make money.

As for those rumors that the other girls don’t want Farrah on the cast? Well, it turns out they’re true:

“They know she’s coming back,” says producer Lauren Dolgen. “It did create a little bit of controversy that will play out in the series.”

Farrah, of course, maintains that she’s doing another season just for the fun of it, because she’s totally killin’ it without Teen Mom, you guys:

“I’m not doing anything differently than I would not do when the cameras are there or not there,” Farrah says. “I don’t know if really benefits me to be on TV, because I was most successful in my career when I was away from Teen Mom. So it if benefits me, that’s randomly benefitting.”

Yes, that’s the sort of Farrah-speak we have to look forward to. We can’t wait.

In the meantime, you can always watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to relive Ms. Abraham’s most cringeworthy moments … or see below: