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Costa Rica Will be Hosting a Conference on the bling2 Industry


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A bling2 Industry Conference and Convention will take place around the 3rd or 4th of December this year. This will be held at Costa Rica at the Barcelo San Jose Palacio. This unique Expo will showcase everything about poker. It will focus on management, marketing and technology. Attending this conference will be poker rooms and various internet poker executives. A tournament will be held in the evening for the industry executives and professional players. This tournament will take place at Herradura Casino, a licensed casino in San Jose. The ides behind this tournament is for the poker executives to display best strategies, tactics and skills.

Pacific Poker and Battle it Out to Gain Mac Poker Market Share

New developments have taken place what with Macintosh poker compatibility software coming into the market. The entry of  “No Download” poker rooms has caused major competition in the poker arena. A fierce battle has begun between Pacific Poker and PokerRoom, in order to control the Mac poker market share. These are the two largest online poker rooms that are trying to woo Macintosh poker players. Both these rooms use the new software that permits Mac poker players to play online poker without purchasing expensive Virtual PC software. These poker rooms are ranked among the top ten online poker rooms. Today it is estimated that 4.4 % computer users own and use a Macintosh. Even this small percentage of people translate into several millions for online poker rooms.

Pacific Poker is known for its customer trust relationship and large up front bonuses, while PokerRoom is known for its outstanding graphics. It should also be noted that the largest online poker room, Party Poker, is not Mac compatible.

Players Get a Chance to Play with Kathy Liebert, in the 2nd Annual Carribean Poker Classic at St. Kitts

Armchair poker champs get a chance to rub shoulders and play a No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament, with Kathy Liebert. Kathy is considered to be one of the best tournament poker players today. She is sure to give the players a run for their money. The players will compete with Kathy in an all expense paid trip for two to the 2nd Annual Caribbean Poker Classic in St. Kitts. Players have won the chance of playing with Kathy, by participating in radio trivia contests. A satellite tournament was also held on October 17, on Internetpoker, where six players came forward to play with Kathy. From October 22nd, players selected through trivia contests and satellite tournament, will play online in the first round. This round is called “Beat Kathy” Texas Hold’em.

Winners of each first round table will advance to the final table and battle for the Grand Prize worth $10,000. Kathy Liebert is the first woman to win a tournament with a $5,000 or more buy-in, as well as the first woman to win a $1,000,000.

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